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Jasmine Osby
Freelance Creative Guru ❈ Wordsmith ✒ Creator of @TheEliteRoute ♬ Publicist ☕ Writer @TripleHQ @SOHH @DayAndADream 💪🏿 Founder of Whats Happening STL

Hip Hop 101

Music Producers

Music Producers Need to Read this Book – ‘Don’t Make Beats Like Me’

If music production is such a serious and challenging craft to pursue, why should music producers spend years learning critical lessons the hard way?...
submit to hip hop blogs

How to Submit to Hip Hop Blogs

Submit to Hip Hop Blogs the Right Way! TripleHQ had an older version of how to submit to hip hop blogs dated back in 2015....

Do You Think Ghostwriting is a Big Deal?

  Is Ghostwriting a Big deal?   When you hear the term ghostwriting you automatically think about the Drake and Meek millz situation.  Ever since Meek Mill...

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