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The highly magnetic album, ‘Raised in the Ghetto, Went to School in the Burbs,’ is an honest, unrestrained depiction of Re-Surch’s unique and rocky upbringing. The tracks on the record are seamlessly woven together by the talented rapper in...
California Bay Area Singer Kehlani releases her highly anticipated album today called "SweetSexySavage". The album SweetSexySavage is an R&B/Soul album containing 19 tracks leading with her top hits “CRZY” & “Distraction." “This one, I really took my time like, ‘Every song, I not only...
The Migos have FINALLY released their highly anticipated new album today called Culture. The album was actually released late last night surprising fans worldwide and social media went ablaze. "Culture" comes with 13 tracks in total and features guest...

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