DeadPool 2 (Official Teaser Trailer)


DeadPool 2 has finally graced the fans with a teaser trailer after leaving most stressed after the after credits ending of the original movie. The trailer starts with Deadpool noticing an altercation and swiftly runs to a phone booth like its 1998 where he shows the struggle and mockery of Superman changing uniforms. With butt cheeks to the glass Deadpool 2 plays the superman music in the visual with the most long awaited change of turning into a superhero in reality. Once he is finally almost done, he hears the man in the altercation get shot and proceeds to lay down and eat ice cream.

From the looks of the Deadpool 2 teaser which is hilarious…with Logan subliminal posters in the background and his hysterical comments on how he doesn’t need to change into anything other than his regular clothes of a tank top and jeans, we are so looking forward to this movie coming soon.