Mississippi’s Dolla Black Presents The Black Friday Compilation | @dollablackbde


Dolla Black compiles his recent string of Black Friday tracks into one solid EP effort featuring Hollywood Luck and Coke Bumaye

Throughout the month of February, Mississippi’s own Dolla Black released an array of records. The series, titled “Black Friday”, saw the emcee gift the fans strong tracks that vary in style. From lyrical assaults to club records and over to introspective insight; no stone was left unturned.

In an effort to keep things streamlined, Dolla Black has now compiled the records for a new EP. Features come from Hollywood Luck and Coke Bumaye, with the majority of production coming by way of AVEVO. As an added extra, Dolla adds a bonus track titled “S.O.” along with KoolKM to round the set list out.

This EP acts as a perfect introduction to Dolla Black for anyone unfamiliar with his product, while also being a fine platter of music for longtime fans. Check it out below and purchase if you like what you hear via iTunes or www.dollablackbde.com.