TripleHQ Exclusive Interview w. Karian Sang

TripleHQ Exclusive Interview with Karian Sang via Evan B Culture!

karian-sang-logo-new-copyRecently I had a chance to do an interview with an amazing artist named Karian Sang.  The Kingston born singer/actress is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future.

EBC: Happy to be here interviewing Jamaican artist on the rise, Karian Sang.  How are you Karian?

KS:  I’m well. Thank you, hope you are too.

EBC: So you’re from Kingston, Jamaica and have said that you realized you had rhythm at a young age.  How old were you when you first started recording seriously and how difficult was it to access studios in Jamaica being so young?

KS:  I was like six-seven years old; I only sung on Microphones in Jamaica. I didn’t record any music until I moved to Canada, but it wasn’t easy to access studio there.

EBC:  Since you released your first single over 6 years ago you’ve achieved quite a few wins.  What’s been the most exciting thing to happen to you on this journey?

KS:  Being able to hear my songs on the radio, seeing messages from fans all over the world, & when I saw Obama following me on Twitter lol.

EBC: You have a record with Mavado titled, “Take It”.  Movado is an incredibly talented and well known artist.  How was it working with him on this record and what was the process like?

KS:  It was great. It’s a very different process in which Reggae artists record, but I adapted to creating & recording on the spot the way Mavado did.

EBC: Your music has brought you to different cities all over the world.  What were some of your best experiences traveling and what city would you look most forward to visiting again?

KS:  I love Switzerland because it’s very old and everything from the past is still there. They don’t break down their buildings they just fix them up so it’s like visiting a museum all day. They speak a bunch of languages & they eat bread all day & gain no weight I find that amazing lol.

EBC: Now in addition to being beautiful and musically talented, you also have done some acting, most notably in the film, “Destiny”.  How was the experience and is acting something you could see yourself pursuing further?

KS:  Definitely! It was fun & a lot of work (back to back), but I love acting and I feel so comfortable doing it. I really like bringing the character to life. I look forward to bringing in many more movies.

EBC:  So back to the music tip.  You have a new album coming this year, what can we expect from this project?

KS:  Yes! I’m working on an album, really hoping to have it released sometime in the beginning of next year (fingers crossed). I want my music in everyone’s playlist.

EBC:  I always love to ask my interviewees their opinions on music.  Now that the year is 3 quarters over, what has been your favorite song so far from another artist in 2016?

KS:  I have two (Party Next Door- “Come & See Me”) & (Justin Bieber – “I’ll Show You”)

EBC: Anything else you want to say to your audience?

KS:  I can’t wait to show you all of me through my musical journey. Please check out my past music as well as my present music on my Soundcloud, YouTube & my iTunes for my latest single “123”.  I love you Assassins for all your support. Thank you EBC for this interview nuff love & god bless.

Thank You!!!



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