Great info from our friends @MusicDealers

Great info from our friends @MusicDealers

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Happy New Year Music Dealer Artists!We are proud to announce that Sound City has launched on Facebook. Check it out at City is a new game from KBooM! Games and Music Dealers, that is currently at 10,000+ players and growing. The focus of Sound City is to encourage players to discover great music from up-and-coming MusicDealers™ artists.  Sound City utilizes Music Dealers™ growing catalog of over 100,000 songs made up of some of the best-undiscovered global music talent in almost every imaginable genre. Sound City allows players to build up a music library of songs, listen to them freely, and share them with friends within the game. Players also complete music challenges to earn in-game cash to customize their clubs and DJ’s playlist, creating a virtual hangout for their friends. Soon, players will also have the ability to check out the hottest bands from the game and interact with featured artists VIP clubs.

Sound City gives your fans and players a new and exciting way to experience your music.  We think this is a great way to help our artists find new fans across the globe. To maximize the impact we need your help! Please spread the word to your fanbase. To find your music follow the instructions in this blog post

In the coming months we will be looking for artists that drive their fans to the game to get involved by becoming featured artists and allowing players to listen to exclusive tracks, buy t-shirts with your graphics for their avatar with in-game currency and hang out in your own VIP club.

So please help us spread the word and get more citizens to discover your great music!

Ways to help:
– Invite your Friends, Fans, and Family to play Sound City
– Mention Sound City on a Blog or Website
– Make a YouTube Video about Sound City
– Hand out flyers for Sound City

We look forward to a big 2012 for our artist community.

Thank you,

Music Dealers


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