General Steele & Es-K Present the Building Bridges Cypha | @bucktown_usa |

general steele
Off the momentum of the Building Bridges album, General Steele & Es-K collaborate to bring the Building Bridges Cypha. The song was created to bring artists together from different walks and regions. Hip hop bonds us as a family not to be separated by belief, religion, race or gender. We build bridges to make the connection from point A to point B, like connecting the dots to see the bigger picture.
General Steele wanted to have known artists with some you have never heard before. His idea was to illustrate relationships under the umbrella of hip hop and creativity. “We are all connected in some form or fashion,” he says. “When we band in unison, we form a circle or a cypher. Like links in a chain, we work to strengthen each other.”
There are 17 emcees who each take a moment to reflect on 2016, the triumphs and the disappointments and prepare to embrace the next cycle in 2017. Incidentally in keeping with the theme of the Building Bridges LP, which was released on 11/11, the Building Bridges Cypha is 11 minutes and 11 seconds long.
In order of appearance: K. Trakz, Supreme the Eloheem, Mic Handz, Asethic, Louie Skaggs, Innocent?, Vvs Verbal, Top Dog, Chel Strong, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jarv, Pressha Dinero, GQ Josh, Rez, Cashino NDT, Young Coke and General Steele aka GST5000. The cuts are done by Crusty Cuts.
Keep #BuildingBridges not Walls! #11:11