Hip Hop Headquarters Exclusive Interview With @LilNardy

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3HQ: What’s goin on Bro! Thanks for sitting in with TRIPLEHQ.COM
3HQ: Can you tell our viewers who you are and what you do?

LN: I go by Lil Nardy aka Young Nardy Marley. Recording artist on BMB Entertainment.

3HQ: Where are you from?

LN: Mobile Alabama 

3HQ: Before you starting rhyming what was ya life like?

LN: I was just a regular kid who didn’t know where he wanted to go in life until I found my calling.

3HQ: Who did you look up to growing up to get you into music?

LN:C-Nile & Mr. Bigg are the OGs on Mobile’s music scene so as far as local guys doing it on a big level, it showed me I can make my own movement.

3HQ: What is your relationship with BMB Ent?

LN:Those are my brothers point blank. Who I started with, and who I’m going to finish with.

3HQ: If you could recite your first rhyme right now, you think you could remember it?

LN: Nah I smoke too much.

3HQ: How long have you been rhyming?

LN: Since a teenager but I kept it to myself. I recording my first song in 2006.

3HQ: What was your first project?

LN: It was called “Welcome 2 My World” and it dropped in 2008. it did a lot for me in my city as far as building a fan base, doing shows and getting radio play.

3HQ: What was the verse you wrote that made you say “I’m nice as fuck”

LN: I don’t remember an exact verse, but when I used to rap for people they would tell me I had something. 

3HQ: Who’s your favorite producer?

LN: Right now I’m working on a project with a producer from Mobile, named Koji The Bandit. We got a good chemistry & the stuff we’re coming out with is crazy.

A3HQ: ny producers you would like to work with if you could?

LN: Kanye West, DJ Toomp, Chuck Inglish, Organized Noize, DJ Paul & Juicy J, Pharrell, & Pimp C if he was still here. 

3HQ: What’s it like for an independent artist in Mobile, Al?

LN: Its kinda tough because Its a smaller market, so its fewer shows. And the radio station stopped playing local music. But I don’t let obstacles get in my way and cloud my vision.

3HQ: Who gave you your first big break?

LN: My first manager Dirty E, who is my DJ now. He got me my first shows and spun my record every night on the radio. 

3HQ: Its hard for independent artist.. what was one of your greatest set backs?

LN: Life. Just because rap doesn’t pay all the bills yet, so you have to find that balance. It gets hard sometimes. 

3HQ: What does BMB stand for?

LN: It originally stood for Blood Money Brothers on some street shit. We changed it to Big Money Boys when we needed something to call our label.

3HQ: What was some of the steps you took to get where you are at now?

LN: Working nonstop and realizing there’s always somebody working harder than you. Networking, building good relationships and staying humble.

3HQ: How did the feature with Rich Boy come about?

LN: We did our first song in ’08 for my first tape. We from the same hood and he liked our movement so he always looked out. We have a new track out called “Murder & Mardi Gras” out now. 

3HQ: Which one of your projects is your favorite and why?

LN: My new project “Up In Smoke” that I’m dropping this summer. I have some big records on there, and its my complete vision from what I set out to make.

3HQ: How would you describe your style?

LN: I don’t have a specific style because I wouldn’t want to limit myself. I will say my music and my message will be revolutionary one day. 

3HQ: How much did the “new media”(twitter/facebook) help with your music?

LN: The internet is powerful because your music spread to places you can’t always physically touch. I like twitter because I can see what people are saying about my music and communicate with my fans. I don’t really use facebook that much.

3HQ: How important is having a team?

LN: Teamwork is very important because everybody is playing their role and working towards one goal. You have to have good team of people working for you in this business to get where you need to go.

3HQ: Which is more important to you the music or the business?

LN: The music will always be the most important to me, but you always have to have your business right.

3HQ: So we hear your into videography, have you directed any of your own videos?

LN: I’ve directed and edited all my videos that I have out now.

3HQ: If you could work with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

LN: Pimp C no doubt. He’s one of my all time favorites and I always wanted to work with him. 

3HQ: So how did it feel to open up for Yelawolf and Yo Gotti? How was there reaction to your music?

LN: I love performing so its always a great experience but I’m not sure if they seen it. I’ve also headlined a few of my own shows with my brother Its BJ.

3HQ: What is your work ethic in the studio.. how does the scenery have to be when you record?

LN: I like to be in a chill atmosphere when I’m working. I don’t like too many people there because you can loose focus.

3HQ: If you could change anything about how you came up with music, what would it be and why?

LN: Nothing, because I feel everything happens for a reason. 

3HQ: Any projects or shows coming up?

LN: My newest project “The Wake Up” is out now. The chopped and screwed version is about to drop this month with DJ Dow Jones. “Up In Smoke” dropping this summer and we’re in the works of setting up a promo tour.

3HQ: Any last Shout outs?

LN: Shout out to ya’ll for giving me an opportunity. Shout out to everybody who supports me and my music. Shout out to everybody at BMB, my manager Mike, Its BJ, Gutta Grands, Spank Lee, & Bookie. Free my brother Zang.

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