Jordan Kent Releases “20 Years Later”



Singer/ Songwriter Jordan Kent has finally announced the release of his long awaited debut album, The Heart Project, and the special meaning behind the date. Featuring 10 tracks, each one showcasing a versatile style and approach from indie-pop type tracks featuring his fiancé, Missy Rae, to heartfelt freestyle raps that impact the soul.

Almost every song from the album is created by freestyle tactics and recorded at the same time, using pure inspiration driven from each instrumental. Some songs throughout the debut, feature Jordan Kent’s fiancé, Missy Rae, who reluctantly recorded parts as to complete the vision Jordan had imagined. Currently available for pre-order ( ) and soon to be officially released on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, and many more come November 17, 2017, a very meaningful and powerful day to Jordan Kent. One which marks the birthday of his best friend Zachary Jones, who died in a car accident with him August 13, 2007 at 17 years of age, making this coming year his 11th anniversary.

Jordan Kent“I’ve had this vision of being an inspiring voice, particularly in hip-hop since I was a kid and had made a hip-hop mixtape when I was 19, ready to take the world by storm, but life happened and I put my dream aside. It wasn’t until recently that I was overcome by a surge of new determination, then inspiration and creativity began to flow and out came this new album with sounds I had never experimented with.” says Jordan Kent about the creation of “The Heart Project”.

Still virtually unknown and thriving off the passion for creating and performing music, and not for the pursuit of income or status, Jordan Kent is reaching out through his tracks to inspire and motivate his listeners to chase their dreams, believe in themselves, and never, ever give up. Ready to knock down walls and open doors to present a new artist to the world, Jordan Kent