Kanye West 2nd Sex Tape Revealed

Kanye West 2nd Sex Tape Revealed

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Oh this just gets funnier as the days go by…Ok…heres and update…now “Apparently” somebody snuck into Kanye’s laptop where allllll his sextapes are filed by name..probably “Kanye’s Sextape.mp4″ and now has TWO files of two different sexcapades going on with Mr. West. Of Course TMZ is first at the scene and has announced another sex tape being shopped today.  Now from what we know…it seems to be the same girl in both videos…1st tape estimating about 20 mins and the 2nd around 40 mins (Go Kanye!) And the girl looks just like Kim Kardashian…but supposedly its not her.. some girl named Mony who looks super identical to her….but she claims its not her in the tape either…whatever..

Just seems to us that…if you were on Kanye’s computer…would that be what you were looking for? I mean..if it was in all caps and highlighted maybe it wouldve caught your eye to steal…but this whole thing seems like a big scheme for more fame. You got the two biggest attention whores in the industry now together..and lets not forget how major Kim got because of a sex tape…Come on Kanye…you’re better than this. But like we said before, Ray J is still winning somewhere.



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