Queens is known to get the money and budding Queens-bred artist, Keezy Gramz (aka KG) is ready to hit a lick! As he prepares for the release of his mixtape, Hustle or Go Broke, the North Side Jamaica, Queens native blesses us with the video to his first single, “Dope Sales”. KG gives his fans an insiders view of the lifestyle he led before he went to prison. 
KG stated that,” ‘Streets is Watching’ and 90’s hip hop was a huge inspiration for this project. I came home from a bid (jail) on June 15th 2016. The project represents the never ended struggle between Hustling and Going Broke”.
The 4 minute video starts off with the 23-year old hustler sitting in a kitchen, cooking up cocaine as N.W.A.’s “Dope Man” plays in the background. As KG begins breaking down the rocks, he begins to reminisce on the street life he is caught up in, while narrative from “Menace To Society” eludes to an epic song intro. KG’s gritty yet melodic voice depict the story of a Hustle Made man. 
“Started from them Dope Sales,
On them back blocks,
I was a young n***a in and out the trap spot,
Grindin with me now,
You gon shine with me later,
You don’t like my sound, you a motherf***kin hater
‘Cuz I came up from them Dope Sales,
On them back blocks,
I was a young n***a in and out the trap spot…”
KG Kysean Landers (Born November 10, 1991) is an American rapper better known by his stage name KG. He was born and raised in North Side Jamaica, Queens. As a youth, KG was exposed to a lot drugs, crime, and violence in his neighborhood and household. His mother worked several jobs while his father built his own reputation in the streets. KG was raised more so by his older brother whom himself was heavily involved in the streets of Hollis,Queens. He started selling drugs and gained a new love for money. Constantly battling with his morality KG found an outlet in playing basketball and rapping. At the age of 11, he was moved from city to city such as Newark, Jersey City, and Spring Valley as a result of a divorce between his parents. Under these circumstances it broadened his ability to survive in any society, while staying true himself. At the age of 15, KG had his first of many encounters with the law. In 2014, KG was charged in a drug case that led him to be incarcerated until June 15, 2016. During this incarceration, he released a stream of music and videos that generated a local buzz. After coming home he began to seriously embark on his music career starting off with his debut mixtape “Hustle Or Go Broke vol.1”.