Koins – Come From (Prod. by 94) | @vskoins |


Hawaiian native, Koins releases a new single called “Come From” and writes a pen letter, check it out below:

On an island, where I come from…

Born and raised in the islands of Hawai’i, specifically on Oahu where our capital Honolulu resides, there is a lot to take in. From the fight for our people’s sovereignty to clashing with the modern day lifestyles of American society & pop-culture. I am someone who believes in defending Hawai’i but I am a hypocrite baby chasing pipe dreams.

Being born in the early 90’s I have witnessed the change in my islands way of living. For instance, I open up the record by saying People want us to be peaceful, more Hawaiians getting pieces.” Growing up, feuds were resolved with fists, now every other day you hear more about Kane (Men), Wahine (Women) & Keiki (Child) losing their lives due to guns, weapons & types of violence that were not prevalent when I was a youth.

I touch on the “crab in a bucket mentality” a lot of us local people endure in pursuing anything greater than ourselves. Even people filled with aloha want to see you do good just not better than them.

“Do travel packages, say what’s happening?” is the first lines of my second verse, I ask this because I am curious, yeah you all know about the palm trees, nice beaches, and Kanye West coming to our Aina (Land) to create his master pieces. *I guess we got the juice, I mean Hawaiian Punch* but do you know about 1893? When our islands were illegally taken from our Queen? Do you know about the Hawaiian language being banned? Do you know that Hawaiians have to wait on a 50+ year waiting list to inherit the land that is rightfully thiers? They practice GMO techniques on our neighboring islands affecting neighborhoods. There is so much to discuss….

My verses are a clash, of my duty to defend and speak up for where I am from colliding with the everyday lifestyles a local person who has grown up in an Americanized Hawai’i deals with. All I am trying to get across with this record is yeah, we are on an island but we are just like you out in the states. Dealing with evils of this world, we just got the beach…

I hope this record touches you all… I hope this interests you to dive in more to what Hawai’i offers musically and culturally.

Mahalo for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the record “Come From” produced by 94.