Young Riot Looks Toward Celtic Legend “Larry Bird” For New EP | @riotsoyes |


Larry Bird

Young Riot puts points on the board with “Larry Bird”, the first of a four part EP series –

Rapper Young Riot was born when a fifteen year old Reginald Hicks started making music as a way to transcend his violent, unstable upbringing in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His mentor Max B and collaborator Whitey were integral figures in Young Riot’s journey through the music world. His past successes include “Living The Life” featuring Curren$y, “A Wave Called Yes” with Max B, “Im So Yes” and “Y.O.M.P”. His current EP, “Larry Bird”, is the first in a four part series of EP releases. “Larry Bird” can be heard on Soundcloud. Follow Young Riot on Facebook (RiotMusicPage), Twitter (@riotsoyes) and YouTube.

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