‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Season Premiere Recap: Minnie FINALLY Admits She Faked Pregnancy W/ Pastor Troy

The season 3 premiere of Little Women Atlanta kicked off last night, and boy, what a premiere!
Minnie, Amanda, Andrea and Minnie’s loudmouthed mother Tammie treated themselves to a spa day “to detox and lose weight”. As she sipped on champers, a loved up Minnie announced that she was putting the negativity behind her and would be turning over a new leaf… yeah right!
Friend of the cast Tanya joined this season’s cast with her longtime friend and Sam in tow, whom she brought to the city with her to help care for her children while she runs her at home business. As she met up with gal pal Monie, Monie stated that Minnie was no longer her co-maid of honor. Not surprising, given the bitter note the season 2 reunion ended on.
To settle in, the pair hosted a cozy night in with drinks for all of the Atlanta ladies, but much like the reunion, this took a turn for the worse. As the now infamous gift bag was dredged up, the Minnie and the twins accused Ms. Juicy of being spiteful, to which Juicy humbly agreed, but the trio appeared to be out for blood. They turned their attentions to Monie. First for her non-role in gifting Minnie with the deflated balloon, then for not defending her friend Juicy. Monie calmly (well, calmly for her) told the girls that she had no reason to get involved. It was not her fight, and she and Juicy politely exited the premises.

With Andrea being so invested in Minnie and Juicy’s drama, you’d think her sh*t would be straight. Nope. Not at all. Andrea is still with Chris, the father of her beautiful baby girl Aubrey, who is at home, but has to be fed through a feeding tube. The ever-useless Chris showed little interest in learning how to care for his new baby and viewers could not help but get a sense that he again, would soon be out of the door.
We then see Tanya meet up with her gay friends during Pride week along with Monie. The pair invite all the girls on their float during the Pride parade, but the last time the girls were all in the same space, it erupted into drama, so Tanya was left hoping that there wouldn’t be a rematch. After the girls all had got dressed up, Tanya pulled Minnie to the side for a heart to heart. She urged Minnie to put the past behind her and to let go of anything that may be holding her back. Despite Minnie’s insistence that she was over everything, Tanya was doubtful. The day did, however, go swimmingly. Minnie caught up in all of the laughs and warm, fuzzy feelings then pulled Juicy to the side for a chat. Wanting to start over Minnie then came clean to Juicy.
“I just wanted to clear everything and tell you just up front, I wasn’t pregnant.”
A wide-eyed Juicy looks straight into the camera, and the shop comes to an abrupt ending.


For those who don’t know:

Throughout last season of Little Women ATL, several of the cast members announce their pregnancies, much to the delight of their fellow cast members and loyal viewers of the show. Emily, Amanda, and Minnie we all elated to share their good news But life doesn’t always turn out as we expect and joy turned to tragedy as Minnie (who was pregnant with Pastor Troy‘s baby) suffered a miscarriage and Emily said goodbye to her beautiful baby boy J.J.
As Emily remained in Dallas with her family to grieve, the cast members surrounded Minnie to offer their condolences and support for the loss of her baby… all except for the flame-haired- Ms. Juicy and her hot-headed sidekick Monie who doubted Minnie’s story. The pair took their fair share of abuse from the cast and viewers alike who were disgusted that they could imply that Minnie would lie about something so serious.

Well, who’s got egg on their face now? Tune in next week as the news reaches the rest of the cast!


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