London MC, A S Jay interviewed by TripleHQ! | @eddyasjay

London's A S Jay gets the interview treatment from Evan B Culture!

EBC:  I’m here with London rapper/singer/songwriter, A S Jay, how has everything been man?

A S Jay:  Everything is good B, just trying to get things together for this EP really. I work a job to keep my dreams alive so things have been hectic lately.

EBC:  So you have a new project coming out called, “020-16”, what can we expect from this EP?

A S Jay:  A lot of vibe, vibe as in this EP is based around being in love, not being in love and a lot of different emotions really. This is my first project plus my creative process was like based around that vibe.

EBC:  I’ve never been to Europe, but I’ve heard that the hip-hop scene is very strong there. How has this affected you as an artist?

A S Jay:  As an artist London primarily has influenced me a lot. I mean you gota come down and feel that vibe. Hip hop scene yes it’s too dope here plus Grime is making waves all over the world. I love Grime and I wish I could do it but I can’t, It’s too hard for me so I try to stick to my lane. R&b , hip hop and that. Artists like Skepta, Stormzy, Krept and Konan influence me a lot and I am blessed to be a part of the city and to witness the scene here.

EBC:  So I noticed most of your idols are American rappers, but one name stood out. Yanni. He’s a great performer. How has he inspired you as an artist?

A S Jay:  My dad used to play a lot of Yanni when I was a kid. So he has influenced me a lot in terms of making melodies. I mean his music says so much as in theres no vocals on there but it just does something to your soul.

EBC:  How did you get the name A S Jay?

A S Jay:  Very randomly, I was walking home from my Uni lectures a while back and this name A S Jay- A soulful Jaywalker came to my head. So I was like, yea its dope I like it.

EBC:  So 2016 is almost over and we’ve had a lot of good music come out so far. What’s your favourite project that’s been released this year?

A S Jay:  I can’t pick one I am sorry lol but for me it’s a tie between Drake – Views, Kanye west- The Life of Pablo and Skepta- Konnichiwa

EBC:  So besides the Ep you got coming out what else can we expect from A S Jay in the near future?

A S Jay:  A lot of music and a lot more soulful vibes coming. Different issues Different me may be I might go a little political who knows.

EBC:  Let the people know where they can find your music and where they can get at you.

A S Jay:  You can get me at the following: Twitter (@eddyasjay), Facebook (ASJaymusic), Instagram (as_jay), SoundCLoud (ASJaymusic).  Thanks!!!



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