Mariah Carey has finally addressed her disastrous New Years Eve performance and admitted that she was ‘mortified’.

The music diva broke her silence while speaking to Entertainment Weekly, saying that she’s of the opinion that Dick Clark would not have let an artist go through the kind of performance she had… and he would have been as mortified as she was in real time.

She then added that it was make her less trusting of using anyone outside of her own team.

Oddly enough, Carey’s camp claim the singer was sabotaged by the show for ratings, but Dick Clark productions has fired back and said those claims are defamatory, outrageous, and frankly absurd.

Page Six quotes a source who tells them that it was totally Mariah’s screw-up, her assistant came out for the sound check, not her… and that her dancers were in step, everybody on stage heard the track, and it was no the fault of the sound people.

Even Jenny McCarthy, who co-hosted the event, said Mariah didn’t do a sound check. McCarthy said the most she did was a dance move rehearsal and she had a stand in do a sound check.


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