Maurico – TripleHQ Exclusive Interview


Maurico Nashville, Tennessee rapper Maurico Sits Down

w. Hip Hop Headquarters

What made you decide to become a rapper?

Music has been my passion since I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was something that allowed me to vent as a child. I was the type of child that always held my feelings inside until I eventually erupted in anger usually on the wrong person. Music became a therapeutic outlet for me and has been ever since. I’m now able to express myself freely and grow as well as entertain and help others.

What’s the first rap song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

To be honest I can’t think of the first rap song I heard but some of the first artists I listened to were artists like, Al Green, Earth wind and fire, MJ of course, Elton John, Funkadelic, Barry white, and the list goes on. My parents listened to a broad range of music which contributed to my diversified taste of music.

What did you learn from your experience with Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20?

Being signed with Kyle Cook showed me exactly what it meant to have a record deal. Gotta be honest: they were pretty fair in the deal, but more importantly I gained experience and a vivid understanding of the industry and being an artist. I can honestly say I know what it’s like to be signed. There were both pros and cons but overall I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. It helped in molding the artist that I am today. 

How did “Grace” come together?

I was actually over my sister’s house hanging out and usually when I’m there I’m mentoring and hanging out with my nephews. My focus is to be a positive male figure that they can look up to. Justin Scott, which is my oldest nephew, has been working at his production talents since as far as I could remember. I teach him as much as I can as often as possible to help him on his journey as a musician. When I’m over there he is usually in his room working on beats and polishing his flow. I heard him play the track to “Grace” and I was blown away. Immediately, words started to come to my mind and I started flowing and trying to formulate a chorus and it all fell together. I jumped in the closet/booth and put down a rough draft of my thoughts. “Grace” had been born. 

What’s the Nashville rap scene like these days?

The Nashville rap scene is very underground. It isn’t as prevalent as we would like but it’s coming along. There are lots of extremely talented rappers down here. Our only issue is that we are missing an infrastructure or platform for our talents to be displayed. There aren’t many venues for hip hop here. The clubs can’t stay open long enough to sustain the culture. Even though this is an issue it has never stopped us from being creatives and never will. However, our city is flourishing in growth and lots of avenues are starting to open up now. Soon we will be a huge city for all music!