Moe – “Cloud Surf” | @MO3RAPZ |


Bay Area-based artist Moe invites listeners to the sky and beyond on his five track EP effort entitled “Cloud Surf”, featuring production from Origami Beats Cash Money AP –

The cover of Moe’s new EP “Cloud Surf” features a robot named MO3. This character serves as an alternative persona for the artist. It’s an empathetic character to accompany the listener through the themes of the EP.

“Cloud Surf” is about the lonely journey to success and the sacrifices needed to make dreams come true. Just as MO3 stands alone with only his own shadow to accompany him.

The human behind the project, is also the visual artist behind MO3. Moe is a multi-talented artist who not only raps, but draws, plays guitar and produces music. His vision for the trilogy of releases that includes “Cloud Surf” is wide reaching, including video art, storytelling and original artwork to supplement the music.

“Cloud Surf”, produced by Origamibeats and CashMoneyAP, is now available as a free download through Moe’s website. So head over to and grab a copy.

Moe is a rapper who layers his lyrical flow over trippy beats, locking his listeners in a melodic trance. Raised as a citizen of the world, having called California, Alabama and in the occupied territory of Palestine home, has influenced Moe’s sound. His music is cultured, bright and optimistic. Currently, Moe lives and makes music in the Bay Area.