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Evan B Culture sits down with indie model, Nina Foreign for an Exclusive Interview!


EBC: I’m here with independent model out of Boise, Idaho, Nina Foreign.  How’s everything been Nina?

NF: Great! I am alive, I am healthy & well.

EBC:  So recently you released a DVD, “A Day in the Life of Nina Foreign”.  How was that experience and how has the reception been from the public?

NF:  The experience was exhilarating honestly. My firstshort film ever and I felt very happy to be able to create a more  personal experience for the  NF supporters.  I’ve received a tremendous amount of support that has inspired me to create an even better experience the second time around and create a new version in  the near future.

EBC: So how long have you been modeling and how did you get involved in this profession?

NF:  I started modeling last year. I’ve been on my full time grind as a model since August 2015. First I had to get my social media numbers up in order for people to take me
seriously. Secondly I put together a team of close friends to help me with booking and
management. Third I invested in merch and voilà, people started wondering what Nina
would do next.

EBC:  Now you’ve chosen to go the indie route rather than seek a deal with a modeling agency. Why did you choose to stay independent and what are some of the difficulties of being an independent model?

NF:  Being independent helped me stay true to myself. Also I am not your average 5’8 tall
fashion model so I have a lot more to prove! However I respectfully declined any offers
from talent agencies, because I believe I can stand out better on my own and I am  perfectly capable of expressing myself in a creative fashion.

EBC:  In addition to the indie grind you operate out of Boise which is tiny compared to like L.A. or New York.  Is it hard to find work or get work outside of your area, or is there an advantage to being in a place with less competition?

NF:  Huge advantage! Less competition means I can focus on myself and not every one  out there trying to make it “BIG”. As far as “work” goes we work everyday. I am creating abrand name for myself and that’s how I make money.


EBC:  Now you have the DVD out and you also have posters and a calendar out.  What else are you working on and what can we expect from Nina Foreign in the near future?

NF:  What can  you expect from Nina Foreign? I will continue to always give it 110% of my
effort! I am working on some super exciting projects and don’t forget to be on the lookout
for a NF, 2017 short-­‐film/documentary.

EBC:  What are your goals as a model? Like at what point would you actually be able to stop and say, “I’ve made it to where I want to be?”

NF:  My goals are endless and they scare me! I want to be able to say that I made a
difference in the industry. I want to say that I may be small, but I can reach great heights.
A little chick from Mexico inspired billions by shattering the image of perfection and  recreating it in her own way.

EBC:  Now as an upcoming model on the rise what advice would you give a girl who’s thinking about modeling but hasn’t taken that leap yet?

NF:  To GO for it! The world is so diverse! Art is all around us and makes us feel  something everyday. If you can manage to make someone feel something and
I mean really truly feel something, you are art.

EBC:  So I’m a hip-hop head and like to ask hip-hop related questions to everyone I interview.  So far in 2016 what’s your favorite hip-hop album this year and who’s your go to artist?  Like the one artist you listen to on a consistent basis?

NF:  “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman”. I have to say Kanye is really 
doing his thing lyrically and musically on the “Famous” album [The Life of Pablo].
listen to this man along with G Eazy at least once day. 

EBC:  Thanks for the interview Nina.  Let everyone know where they can find you online and where they can get at you.

NF:  Facebook Fan Page: NinaForeignModel
Twitter: @NinaForeign
Instagram: @Ninaforeign
Snapchat: @NinaforeignNf




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