An Outkast Biopic is Being Discussed


Outkast Could an Outkast Movie Be Coming?

With the recent success of BET’s “The New Edition Story” which knocked Lifetime and their struggle biopics out the park, the fans are super curious as to see what could be cooking up next. After Outkast member, Big Boi’s recent interview with Hip Hop DX he teased that there is a strong possibility that there could be an Outkast Biopic in the works.

According to Big Boi, him and Andre 3000 spoke about it a few weeks ago during a trip in New York and apparently Mr. Three Stacks has already took on a few meetings as well.  We’re hearing that the dynamic Atlien duo is looking towards Lee Daniels to produce the movie who recently produced the show “Star”.

As far as who would play their characters, Big Boi states since his sons look just like him that it would be a great opportunity.

“Sh**, I don’t know, maybe one of my sons could do it cause they look exactly like me and they know all the words to all the raps. So they probably could pull it off, and they know me.”

This is definitely something we look forward to seeing. The East Atlanta duo is one of the most successful hip-hop groups of all time, having received six Grammy Awards. Between six studio albums and a greatest hits release, Outkast has sold over 25 million records.