P Supreme – “Don P” (Mixtape)



P Supreme

P Supreme takes listeners on a lyrical journey through his introductory mixtape “Don P.”

P Supreme is not your typical rapper. He embodies a witty, smooth talking, thought provoking, lyrical beast all into one. His mixtape “Don P” will prove just that. In less than 24 hours after its release on DatPiff.com, it garnered 1500 plays, 230 streams, and 33 downloads, off Facebook promotion alone. Having just landed in Long Beach CA from New York, P Supreme has hit the ground running, already amassing a multitude of fans salivating for his mixtape.

P’s Mexican/Puerto Rican background lends way to his unique look and he’ll chew any rapper up on the mic to prove his lyrical talent. In the day and age when hip-hop artists are looped into one category, which is whatever is “poppin” at the time, P’s ability to be a chameleon will be the reason he stands the test of time amongst greats. He can go from “keppin It Cool”, to baggin your “crush”, to getting to the “chicken,” all in one effortless swoop. They don’t call him “Top 5 P” for no reason.


Check the mixtape below: