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Papertoy is a Sydney based artist who produces a mix of Trap, Hip Hop, Grime andR&B.

Recently back from a year long stint in London, Papertoy is blending those influences with his own sonic signature sound.

Having previously producedThundamentals “Noodle Soup” along with the majority of The Tongue’s “Hard Feelings” album, Papertoy now releases his new EP “Do My Thing” – a soundtrack to his time in London.

The EP is a prelude to a second project of collaborations with an array of diverse and versatile artists recorded whilst living there. Taking UK sounds and making them his own, “Do My Thing” showcases what effect life in the UK has had on his music.

1. Knock
2. Another One
3. What You Sayin’
4. Be Here
5. Do My Thing

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