Pink Elephant Ft Irene – “The Unicorns” | @ItsPinkElephant |


Romanian music production duo Pink Elephant are living out their dreams and team with vocalist Irene for their mythical debut single, “The Unicorns” –

Pink Elephant is a Romanian music production house formed by producers KaRo and Radu Baisan. As a dual effort, they’ve backed up many musical projects and contributed to the development of many popular songs. The producers declare they live through music and their inspiration comes from it as well, it‚Äôs a matter of rediscovering sounds and creating new combinations.

Their debut single is the perfect metaphor for the inspiration that accompanied the duo in their musical adventure, “The Unicorns”. The mythical figure represent their dreams coming true, it also fuels their inspiration for fantasy beats. P.E. teams up with the seductive voice of mysterious artist Irene and thus their single is ready to take the audience for a once in a lifetime musical adventure.