California’s Private Party Speaks On Thoughts They Have When “Nobody” Is Around | @PrivteParty



Private Party share their personal thoughts and touch on the types of things people think about when “Nobody” else is around

L.A.’s very own Private Party is back today with a new release and linked up with Chad Michael and Noah for the self-reflective sound behind “Nobody”. The pair speak about the things you’re thinking about when nobody’s around. Private Party seems to be asking a lot of questions they can’t get answers to and are putting their work into their music. This song is something you definitely don’t want to miss, lookout for more from the duo coming soon.

Private Party is a partnership between two friends who are committed to music and working on their craft. The duo is made up of Devin Scott & Drey Mims who have known each other for quite some time. Drey is a graduate from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, and is the one that records the music and mixes and masters for release. Devin is an equally important part in the partnership as well, and contributes to the songs, creates artwork for the new songs, and spends time figuring out how to market their music.

In 2017, they is planning to release an arsenal of singles, followed by an EP titled “Coalesce”. The EP is a collaborative piece of work with producer Kyddiekafka and is expected to make a wave within the underground music scene.