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As we approach the year 2017, I would like to take this time to mention how there are still numerous people in the industry that are not using blind carbon copy, which leads me to believe that they do not know what it means. Blind Carbon Copy is a way to hide your contacts when sending an email so that others receiving the submission do NOT see other email addresses included. Not using BCC causes everyone’s email to be exposed and spammed by your contacts.

If you have created a relationship with a direct writer or owner of a specific site, You would want to hide that information so that others cannot see and copy their email into their next blast in hopes for a post with a person they never talked to. Mind you this also helps with keeping our email box clear from clutter where we can focus on your email when it comes in.

So with that being said…let me break down how to BCC so you know better.

When you first create your email, instead of clicking the “To:” button after hitting compose, look for the “bcc: button instead. See below:

aid5116-728px-use-bcc-in-an-email-step-7-version-2 Once you click that it will take you to all of your contacts…place them there. This will make SURE everyone is hidden when submitting the email. This also stops chain replies from you 1000 people that want to respond with a reply all which causes even more of a mess.

Most blogs will not even read the email if they notice that their email is exposed and will instantly mark you as spam.

I am also providing a YouTube tutorial for those who feel the picture is not enough:


If you feel this information is still not enough you can tweet me at @Awesomenezz and I can help you. Please PLEASE learn bcc before 2017. And if you have someone that is sending your emails for you make sure they know…if they do NOT already know they should be fired…because…well…that is sad.

So now you know…and knowing is half the battle.



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