Ray Blk Speaks Virtue and Takes Her Time with “Patience” | @RayBLK_ |

Discovering new music (I mean really good music) can be such a difficult task in this climate of abundance and over saturation. Relying on old mediums like radio, television even word of mouth is cumbersome mainly due to the fact of what is pushed as mainstream tends to be monotonous. The beat, lyrics, ablibs heck even the vibe it projects are eerily close to the same. I call it ‘zombie culture’ but I’ll save that topic for another post.

I’ve noticed within the past few years the UK has been bringing the heat. I’d even argue that London is really just the well behaved “niece” of the United States. From Skepta, K Koke, Steff London and Little Simz there’s so much diversity, style and originality being bred there. It’s just great and a good look to see that they are receiving the shine & love they deserve.

Today I discovered an artist by the name of Ray Blk. She’s an R&B singer from South London with a touch of Hip Hop which is what pulled me in. Her song “Patience” touches on having integrity, being yourself and taking your time. It’s a very nice sound with a really great message. She’s made a new fan. Check her out below…

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