Taking listeners, fans and music critics by surprise, Charlie Sloth premiered the audio for Reggie N Bollie’s ‘This Is The Life’ on 1Xtra. After keeping listeners in suspense as to who the record was by, it was revealed that the unlikely Ghanian duo Reggie N Bollie were behind the head-turning, energetic anthem, that hears them fusing an eclectic blend of Dancehall and Afrobeats.
Making a bold move, the duo have released the visuals for the anthemic track ‘This Is The Life’, which sees them immerse themselves in their roots of urban music. ‘This Is The Life’ is a refreshing, honest and sincere representation of the music that they create and enjoy. With feel good vibes oozing through the core of the track, as well as the music video, the Soca undertone fuses seamlessly with the irresistibly catchy dancehall instrumental; making it jam-packed with the flavour of carnival.
Reggie ’N’ Bollie have amassed an impressive online following that is reflected in their Spotify streams of over 8 million and YouTube views of over 5 million on their previous release ’New Girl‘. Their dynamic sound takes influence from music that spans across different continents and contains the key ingredient of positive and uplifting energy, which remains intrinsic to their music.
Self-released on their newly launched label, Reggie N Bollie stand in good form to carve out their musical journey and make their imprint on the current urban landscape that not only welcomes independent music, but also the honest and genuine qualities that their new music possess.