ROYAL CEO Noop Presents Debut Mixtape “ROYAL” | @Noopnoop3 |


Fresh from Los Angeles California We.Are.Royalty (An Urban Brand Originally Distributed Along The East Coast. Made to Uplift & Inspire All Human Beings That support Unity & Recognize Their Worth.) CEO Noop drops the visual for “Mind Gone”. Born & raised in North Manton Projects of Providence Rhode Island, he had what he calls an “underprivileged” childhood. “I couldn’t get everything I wanted,” the rapper, tells Haitianremo. “I had life people couldn’t maintain a balance in.” I remember the day Noop came through Studio XX to record the original recording (with Jaguar XX) & the vibe of the session which is a timeless memorable experience. “The session was at such a high vibration” Noop says “I brought King Diggie around  & once he heard my voice, he fell in love with it.” We sat in a Stduio XX session with Noop & got to experience the ROYAL vibe of the movement he has created in the New England region.

Yet for some reason, Noop never let the lure of the streets completely consume him. “Statistically speaking my homie in the streets, they took a path that everybody takes, , but for some reason I was just always on the right track,” he shares. “I give the glory to the creator who makes keeps my vision clear. It was because of God I’m on the right path. I always made moves in the hood with the worst of the worst people every day.”

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