Stream SNØW & Zed Bias ’24/7’ EP


More Time Records, a new label helmed by Boiler Room’s Ahadadream and SNØW, is to debut with a new four-track collaborative EP (’24/7’) from SNØW and legendary DJ/producer, Zed Bias.

With a mission statement centred around pushing hard-hitting, drum focused club tracks — referencing everything from dancehall to afrobeats — More Time will also serve as the launchpad for SNØW, the new alias of an already active and well established UK producer.

Lead EP track, ’24/7’, sees Swing Ting’s lyricist-in-chief, Fox, drafted in to vocal a winding, blistering take on classic UK funky, while tracks like ‘Bubbles’ fuse the polyrhythms of afrobeats, funky and leftish UK bass palettes. There’s also space for SNØW and Zed to reference both grime (‘Running Late’) and techno (‘2CB’) too, although each track functions around pulsing, drum frameworks.

Sure to impact most in the club, ’24/7’ is an upfront introduction to a label, and moreover sound, that will be hard to ignore in 2017.


1. 24/7 ft. Fox
2. Bubbles
3. Running Late
4. 2CB