St. Louis rapper Ron G talks about coming out The Lou and what he’s feeling right now (Interview) | @DOA_RONG

Rapper Ron G exclusive interview with TripleHQ!


I recently talked with St. Louis rapper Ron G about his name, what it’s like coming up in The Lou and who to check for next out of his city.  Also check for his recent single “Poison”!

EBC:  What’s up Ron G?  How you doing today bro?

Ron G: I’m coolin bro. What’s the deal?

EBC: So man I heard you record “Poison”.  It was hot bro.  How’d you come up with the concept for that track? Sound like it might’ve had some roots in reality.

Ron G: It does have some roots in reality. The song is a sample from this song called “Waves” by Mr. Probz. I was inspired by that alone and wanted to make my version of it,  and it’s basically a man trying to hold on to a relationship that he knows is toxic but the woman is looking for every excuse to let go. I’ve been through it both ways.

EBC: So you’re based out of St. Louis.  The Lou is filled with a lot of talent but hasn’t had an act blow up nationwide since back when Nelly and The Lunatics and Chingy was doing it big.  What’s the pressure like for an upcoming artist coming out of St. Louis to break out nationally?

Ron G: I think the resources are lacking in the city. And it’s cliché but it is the “Show Me State” so people will basically wanna see you doing something spectacular before they believe or latch on to you. But I understand that a profit is never accepted in his own town first.

EBC: How is the local scene in St. Louis?  Is there a lot of support amongst the different artists trying to make it?

Ron G: It’s not a scene it’s a car crash. Great talent don’t get me wrong, but not as much support amongst each other as it should be. I think it’s getting better though.

EBC: Who are some other people form The Lou that we should be checkin’ for?

Ron G: It’s a guy that is getting national attention now named Smino. He’s hard. Also my boy Tank The Machine, T Dubb O, Tef Poe, Rezz Juicin, G Sco, Bank Chamberz, Bottom Boyz, Lynita Renea,  Oh That’s Harlem,  Bryant Stewart, and A Game.

EBC: Now another thing that struck me when I first became familiar with you was your name.  You happen to share the name Ron G with a legendary DJ.  Has it been hard to distinguish yourself as an artist with that name?  Has it caused any confusion amongst people?

Ron G: Yea I performed in New York back in 2013 and this guy told me that. That’s why I put DOA in front of it to disrupt the confusion. There’s also a comedian named Ron G as well.

EBC: So what’s next from Ron G?  Anything new and exciting you’re working on that we can expect in the near future?

Ron G: Yes I got two projects coming, The Ron G Code 2 EP and an album after that.

EBC: So on some hip-hop shit.  What’s your favorite project out so far in 2016?

Ron G: My favorite out so far is Travis Scott “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight “. That dude got the best melodies in the game. I wanna work with him soon.

EBC: Anything else you want to say to your audience?

Ron G: If you allow me to bless your ears with my tunes you might become a fan. Please listen. #DOA



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