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Thank you for taking the time to sit with Hip Hop Headquarters.

TripleHQ:  How did you come up with the name See.Francis?

See.Francis:  Well see.francis has a double meaning. My name is Casmir Francis so the see. is really C lol but Francis is a name the men in my family share so when I look I’m my past I see Francis (my father), I look in my present I see Francis (my brother), I look to the future I see Francis (my son). It’s just a reminder of why I do this and what’s really important to me.

TripleHQ: What was your inspiration behind your latest project FiatLux?

See.Francis:  My inspiration for Fiat Lux was just trying to create something that represented where I currently was in life. No crazy influences, just wanted to do what I love like I love it. Shine my Light.

TripleHQ:  Out of all your music, what is the track you’re most proud of and why?

See.Francis:  Probably Delilah because of my family #ProducedByTheVAMP put into it. We really tried to make the “chick” record something out of the ordinary.

TripleHQ:  Who inspired you to become an artist?

See.Francis:  My uncle Keith was a rapper, he’s really the one that shaped my tastes and exposed me to all this. Without him I’d probably be wild lost working a job I hate lol.

TripleHQ:  If you could compare yourself to any established artist who would it be and why. Or do you consider yourself unique?

See.Francis: I hate comparisons lol I don’t try to be different but I hope I am. I just do me and try to stay away from doing what’s “hot”.


TripleHQ:  What do you think your listeners will get out of your music, and what is the message you’re trying to send?

See.Francis: My only message in my music is live life and do great things before you’re gone. I just do what I love like I love it and hope people hear that and apply that to whatever they’re passionate about.

TripleHQ:  Since there are so many great unsigned artists in the genre, what do you think determines who gets to the top?

See.Francis: Hard work, diligence, vision, passion, consistency, and then capitalizing on all opportunities presented. Talent helps too lol

TripleHQ:  What is your favorite album of all time?

See.Francis: My favorite album changes often, today if we tAlking rap it’s Muddy Waters by Redman.

TripleHQ: Seems like more and more artists are working on collaborations, would you consider working on a project with another artist, if so, who?

See.Francis:  I’m all about linking with good people and doing good things. My first collaboration project would have to be with my iLLustrious family tho. Priorities.

TripleHQ:  Who do you think is a real game-changer in the music industry?

See.Francis: The real game changers are the fans and listeners. What artists do doesn’t matter without them, they decide who changes the game, for better or worse.

TripleHQ:  How would you define the hip hop generation and is it a static movement or something that is always changing?

See.Francis:  Hip hop is a always changing thing but somehow always the same. Hip hop is a culture, a lifestyle. Rap is just the mouthpiece of it. If I had to define it is say right now it’s the voice of the people, every genre is tapping into this hip hop world.


TripleHQ:  What is the hip hop scene like in New Jersey right now?

See.Francis:  Jersey will always be Jersey lol a lot of talent, not a lot of direction, vision or love. I think it’s gonna take some form of unity to really get us out of NY and Philly shadow. Hopefully I’ll be a part of that.

TripleHQ:  What would be your dream venue in which to perform?

See.Francis:  My dream venue? Another Woodstock would be amazing. 

TripleHQ:  What are you working on next?

See.Francis:  Well right now I’m finishing up Fiat d’Lux which is a extended version of Fiat Lux and then who knows, I just keep it organic and go where the vibe tells me to go.

TripleHQ: What advice can you give other up and coming artists?

See.Francis:  The only advice I have is be authentic, never settle, only do what you believe in, and focus on quality. 

TripleHQ: How can everyone find you?

See.Francis:  People can hit me on twitter at @seefrvncis or on my site seefrancis.com

TripleHQ: Any shoutouts?

See.Francis:  And yea, shoutout to my son Mekhi, daddy loves you, thank you for making him better.


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How To Find Music Production Classes

For those who are able to learn how to operate the proper equipment, music production can be a fun and fulfilling way to make a living, or even a great hobby during one’s down time. There are several classes that are available to teach students the intricacies of production, recording, and engineering so that their songs and sounds are produced as intended. Potential students have several options for actually locating a class or classes that is right for them.

Internet Search

Although there are numerous ways in which to find these classes, one of the best ways is to look up music production classes on a search engine. Most people tend to use Google, but any good search engine (such as Yahoo) will also suffice. Students may be surprised at all of the great results that come up. There are dedicated instructional centers such as Citylit, in which students can learn to manipulate a variety of computer based programs for music production via online courses and tutorials. Other options that may come up via these searches include www.onlineschool.org

The Telephone Book

Although in contemporary time telephone directories may strike some as being outdated, they still contain essential material, such as choices for music production classes. Listings for formal music schools, as well as instruction for instruments or vocals can help students to find references for music production classes. Another good listing to check under is multimedia, which is distinct from music and music production, yet may provide some good references for students to find these type of classes.

Formal Educational Institutions

Oftentimes, colleges and universities offer students music production classes. Although these options may be more expensive than students are looking for, postsecondary institutions such as junior or community colleges often offer these classes for less money.

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TripleHQ: When you started DJBooth.net, what was the whole idea behind it?
Brian Zisook: DJBooth was started in 2003, by my business partner Dave Macli.  He is the Founder, President and CEO of our company (The DJBooth, LLC.).  The idea behind DJBooth’s initial conception was to provide a platform to DJs across the world, where reviews of equipment and DJ playlists could be featured.  Obviously, over the last 9 years or so the site has morphed and changed quite a bit.
TripleHQ: What Genre of music was your main focus, when starting the site?
 Brian Zisook: The site was built on the foundation of the DJ, but the musical focus has always been urban (hip hop, R&B, Soul, etc…)
TripleHQ: What was your biggest highlight since starting the site?
 Brian Zisook:  There have been many highlights over the past 9 years, but I would say the shining moment thus far is when we reached 1 million unique monthly visitors a few years ago.  That milestone was certainly a symbol of our dedication and hard work.
TripleHQ: When listening to new music from up and coming artist to post to the site what are you looking for?
 Brian Zisook: We look for talent, first and foremost, but also uniqueness, marketability, overall sound, tone, creativity, and originality.  No two artists are judged the same.
TripleHQ: What artist are you playing in your iPod now?
 Brian Zisook: In my iPod right now are Big K.R.I.T’s “4EvaNaDay,” Rittz’s “White Jesus: Revival,” Rapsody’s “Black Mamba EP,” and Novel’s “Red Wine and Ambien.”  Three of those four projects we exclusively hosted for download and/or purchase at The DJBooth.
TripleHQ: What’s a typical day at DJbooth.net?
 Brian Zisook: No day is a typical day at The DJBooth [laughs].  The morning is spent running through submissions – we receive a few thousand per month – and coverage/hosting requests, assigning features to our editors for the rest of the day, and updating artist profile pages.  The afternoon is more flexible, though, and is usually spent acquiring projects/releases for hosting, conducting interviews, jumping on conference calls with our team members over at the Complex Media Network and hundreds of other misc. duties.  Its a long, 10-12 hour day.
TripleHQ: What is the main focus on DJbooth.net now?
 Brian Zisook: The main focus of The DJBooth, now and moving forward, is to provide a professional platform and an online music magazine to our readers and the artists, DJs, producer, and industry heads who visit our site on a daily basis.
TripleHQ:  With music forever changing, what do you think is next for music?
 Brian Zisook: Music is forever changing and its that very reason why hip hop music has continued to thrive for close to 20+ years.  In just the last few years, we have seen the urban music scene blend into dance, house, electro, dubstep and alt-rock genres.  2012 and beyond is a very exciting time in music and it will only get more exciting as we move forward.  Technology and access to others will hopefully allow for more memorable collaborations and productions, and less easily disposable and highly forgettable tunes.
TripleHQ: How important do you think presentation is when introducing your music?
 Brian Zisook: When introducing your music, presentation is everything.  The same principle applies to the food you might, or might not, order at a restaurant.  If it is not presented in a professional manner, it will easily and immediately overlooked for a more effective (tasty) and better presented alternative.
TripleHQ: In what way do you feel is the right way to approach a DJ, especially in a club setting?
 Brian Zisook: There is no right way to approach a DJ or editor/blogger, but there are plenty of “wrong ways.”  Hand to hand CD passing is dead – so artists, please stop doing it.  Nobody is going to take the time to rip a CD, re-name all the tracks, and then listen to the songs and e-mail the address written on the blank Memorex by a black Sharpie pen.  Additionally, do not act like someone owes you anything.  I always hear artists tell me, “But I want it sooo bad, man.”  Wanting something never got anyone anywhere.  You have to act on that desire and make it actually happen for yourself.
TripleHQ:  Does DJbooth.net come out with there own mixtapes? if so, how can artist get on it?
 Brian Zisook:  DJBooth’s digital distribution arm is currently focused on teaming up with artists, labels, producers and DJs who arealready involved in releasing projects, and providing them with a home for their downloads.
TripleHQ: Thanks for sitting with TripleHQ.com, is there any last tips or shout outs?
 Brian Zisook:  Than you to TripleHQ.com for the interview!  Thank you to everyone who visits our site on a daily basis and if you’d like to follow us on the web, you can “Like” DJBooth.net and “Follow” us @DJBooth.

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In episode 3 of “Life Up”, Demo & Uncut give you a preview of their new record “Dat Business” while at Chop Shop’s anniversary event. They also take you to their first tour stop at FAU where they do a radio interview with Owl Radio followed by a performance.

Remember to tune in every other Wednesday to catch the next webisode of “Life Up” Check for episode 4 on 3/14.




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