Thursday, March 26, 2015
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New Jersey artist, See.Francis starts the New Year with a new track for the Illustrious fans titled “Room Full of Hoes” to get everyone ready for his upcoming EP “L!GH+$ViaXXXX” releasing July 2015. “Fiat Lux” EP available for free download @, Hip Hop Headquarters, and many other well respected blog sites! Check out the new track and let us know what you think!

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How To Find Music Production Classes

For those who are able to learn how to operate the proper equipment, music production can be a fun and fulfilling way to make a living, or even a great hobby during one’s down time. There are several classes that are available to teach students the intricacies of production, recording, and engineering so that their songs and sounds are produced as intended. Potential students have several options for actually locating a class or classes that is right for them.

Internet Search

Although there are numerous ways in which to find these classes, one of the best ways is to look up music production classes on a search engine. Most people tend to use Google, but any good search engine (such as Yahoo) will also suffice. Students may be surprised at all of the great results that come up. There are dedicated instructional centers such as Citylit, in which students can learn to manipulate a variety of computer based programs for music production via online courses and tutorials. Other options that may come up via these searches include

The Telephone Book

Although in contemporary time telephone directories may strike some as being outdated, they still contain essential material, such as choices for music production classes. Listings for formal music schools, as well as instruction for instruments or vocals can help students to find references for music production classes. Another good listing to check under is multimedia, which is distinct from music and music production, yet may provide some good references for students to find these type of classes.

Formal Educational Institutions

Oftentimes, colleges and universities offer students music production classes. Although these options may be more expensive than students are looking for, postsecondary institutions such as junior or community colleges often offer these classes for less money.

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 In an era of music where new artists are just trying to find a niche, NIX has plans of doing much more. Backed by relatable lyrics, and infectious beats, his plans of merging the Top 40 and the Underground hip hop sound just might become a reality.
Now, in 2012, NIX has just graduated and completed his college basketball career. By traveling and living all over the United States he was influenced
by many different artists. In his music you can hear all styles from soulful to bass-driven, and in any arena, fans seem to love it. While listening to a Nix CD you will experience the best of all genres of hip hop.

Check Out the Promo Video for “They Say” Below

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So here at Hip Hop Headquarters, we got a lot of complaints saying that we were not supporting the Stop Kony movement. If you were on twitter the other morning you would have seen our President @Awesomenezz explain the reason. The Kony movement is plain bullshit, and unless you really pay attention to the news ..please stop watching one youtube video, thinking its positive and running behind it like a follower. The video displayed is from a Ugandan and she explains in full depth why this rich white man needs yall to support that nonsense. Hopefully this will educate you, and we can end the stop Kony bullshit.




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