Thursday, February 11, 2016
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  J. Cole Ft. Dreamville - Revenge Of The Dreamers (Mixtape)

Planes - Jeremih ft. Jcole Remix YDG x Gambino

J.Cole Drops Some Real Knowledge "The World Is Constantly Pumping Us With Images Of What Life Should Be About"

Janet Jackson Ft. J. Cole ~ "No Sleep" (Official Video) "I hope u enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it. #NoSL333P @JColeNC" The...

Download J. Cole's new album '2014 Forest Hills Drive' on iTunes: Directed by Ryan Staake Production Company: Pomp&Clout

There seems to be a perception these days that the hip-hop and R&B genres are no longer putting out romantic music, or mood music...

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