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TripleHQ Premiere: Ray Dawn – “On My Own” | @RayDawnThe86th |

Hip Hop recording artist, Ray Dawn, ends the year with a new single reminding everyone about his progress in the music scene. He tells...

Ray Dawn – “Shit To Do” | @RayDawnThe86th |

Ray Dawn is a man on a mission, and with that mission comes a lack of time for shenanigans. Produced by Ric and Thadeus, Shit To Do hammers home why...

Ray Dawn – “Juice” | @RayDawnThe86th |

 They can tell you how to do it, but they never did it. Everybody wants the "Juice", but few are willing to sacrifice for...

Ray Dawn – Due Time | @RayDawnThe86th |

Ray Dawn is charting his own path with his newest anthem "Due Time". On a mission to get what's his, Ray delivers a mantra...

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