Tank The Machine ft. Foo Foo Rena & Burn Hayes – Calendars (Video) | @TankOfficial @Nyne2Fyve |


In an emotionally moving video, St. Louis Hip Hop artist Tank The Machine illustrates a mother’s worst nightmare with his official visual for Calendars featuring Foo Foo Rena & Burn Hayes. Clad in an orange, prison jumpsuit with dreadlocks hanging as low as his head, Tank tells the story of being locked away in America, the unjust criminal justice system and the oppression of being a young, black male.

Raised in the crime infested Walnut Park neighborhood in St. Louis, MO, Tank The Machine is no stranger to struggle of the streets and injustices committed by law enforcement. While battling the day to day struggle, Tank fell in love with Hip Hop after being influenced by his dad and older brother, Burn Hayes. But the streets overcame his family, and his brother was sent away to prison to serve a 10 year sentence before he could pursue his own music career.

Tank The Machine’s Calendars is a testimony to the MC’s struggle and hustle as he emerges in the rap game as one of the first artist under the growing, Midwest independent record label Nyne2Fyve. The vigor and hunger heard within every bar serves as a reminder of the young MC’s desire to reach the top and overcome the wickedness of the St. Louis streets.


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