The Triple Threats | Brains, Beauty, and Sophistication – @Chala2Sweet

The Triple Threats | Brains, Beauty, and Sophistication – @Chala2Sweet

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Nyasia Afrika Crumell



Ice Cream, Scary Movies, Poetry, Picnics, Modeling (Of course), Reading, Art, Fencing, Chess, Cats, Dogs, and Rock Climbing.

Snakes, Basketball, Liars, Thieves, Violence, Going to the movies, Looking for things, and Rude people.


Notable Career Highlights:
In January I joined up with Diamond Girls Club, didn’t last long but fun while it lasted.

Describe the feeling you get when Your in front of the camera:
I really feel amazing when I’m in front of the camera. Its like I forget about all of my flaws and for that moment I become perfection.

How do you preparefor your photo shoot?
Before every photo shoot I take the time to read through some of Marilyn Monroe’s quotes. Her words remind me to stay humble and not to lose myself in what could be a beautiful but deceiving world.

What makes you feel sexy?
I always feel sexy when I’m wearing Black.

Which of your physical features do you like the most?
I would have to say my butt, its not the biggest but its pretty awsome.

What gets the most attention?
My boobs

What can we look foward to from You in the future?
Well I’m currently working towards a spread in Playboy Magazine, but getting gigs isn’t as easy when your promoting yourself.

What’s your idea of a perfect date?
Gathering up a few blankets on a sunny day, putting together a few sandwiches, and finding a nice spot by the lake, I love picnics.

If you could take any person in history to lunch that has inspired You who would be and why??
I would have to say Marilyn Monroe. To the public she was just a sex symbol, nobody knew the pain and hurt she had grew from, no one cared to know just how intelligent and strong she really was. Like Marilyn Monroe I know what its like to have to maintain a certain image, but the key is to never lose yourself.


What’s the whackest ot the smoothest Pickup line ever used on you?
“Damn girl it must be ya birthday, cause you got the cake”

My reply:
Nothing at all, I just walked away. That was really the whackest thing I’ve ever heard.

Tell me something even your parents Don’t know about you:
When I was 16 I spent 2hours trying to pierce my belly button. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, and the most painful.

Just In case they’re reading is there Anyone you want to work with?
Yes, I would really love to do a photo shoot with the beautiful Amber Rose.

Who are your 3 celebrity crushes?
Chris Brown
Trey Songz
Wiz Khalifa

Boy Shorts or Thongs?
Boy Shorts


Choose one, Krispy Kreme or Sex?

Krispy Kreme

Where do you see yourself In the next 5 years?
Living somewhere like florida, still single, owning my own beauty salon, and of course still modeling.

Any Shout Outs:
S/O my mom Elberta Cherry, I love you so much , you’ve always been by my side and I thank you for that.
S/O to a very good friend of mine, Jerry Wess of “Futuristic Lingo”, thanks for always believing in me even when I had lost faith in myself.





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