Thonio – “The Cook Up” | @ItsThonioHomie |


Thonio is an on-the-rise multi-genre sensation from Little Rock, Arkansas who was recently discovered by multi-platinum producer, Darrell “Digga” Branch’s (Sixfigga Brand) –

The story behind how the two met is incredibly inspiring. Thonio was in a horrific, near fatal car accident where he suffered serious injuries to his face. After enduring an $80,0000 surgery to reconstruct his face, this incredibly ambitious artist was able to power forward and remain focused. Despite feeling drained and trying to recover, Thonio was impressively able to triumph and amaze Digga with his raw skill and passion. This artist is certainly not your average Southern artist by any means. Remarkably, Thonio doesn’t limit himself to any specific genre. This wildly versatile artist creates in all different styles, arts & genres of music. He is fiercely independent and doesn’t judge or stress about what others might think of what he is creating. If he likes the sound of it, he runs with it.

This is precisely what makes this artist so interesting. He has effectively unleashed his wide-spanning musical tastes and influences into a giant boiling caldron, seasoned with style and flair. Much like a mad scientist, he has stirred ferociously until what has emerged is unrecognizable; an infectious monstrosity of incredible sound. Thonio has gained notoriety for his distinct flavor of soul-infused, throw-back Hip Hop sound. With his brilliant fusion of genres and style, as well as his evident refusal to operate within any boundaries or industry standards; Thonio has been awarded with increasing visibility and growing eminence.

Check out his latest, the reflective visual entitled “The Cook Up” off his album, “The Audio Bio”.