THQ Premiere: P. Cruz “Hollow” (Reprise) Ft. Stic of Dead Prez



P. Cruz is a Filipino-American MC and producer from Queens, NY. After years of finding his sound through rock bands and hip hop projects, he is introducing himself as solo artist through the debut EP Letter to Miss Ives. Dynamic, dark, and ruminating, this work pulls deep from his eclectic influences.


This forthcoming EP has been inspired by the sonic darkness of John Frusciante’s To Record Only Water for Ten Days, and the dense lyricism of such artists as Aesop Rock and Saul Williams. Letter to Miss Ives is a dynamic, introspective, and personal work that reaches beyond its genre. From the hard-hitting Conscious Hip-hop collaboration with legend Stic of dead prez “Hollow (Reprise)” to the Indie Rock inspired hook and guitar driven instrumentals of “Gobstop (Life),” this EP has a wide sonic range that embraces the “alternative” in Alternative Hip-hop.

In addition to his musical influences, Letter to Miss Ives was inspired by the character Vanessa Ives from the television series Penny Dreadful. The show’s central theme of inner spiritual conflict, can be found interwoven in P. Cruz’s lyrics throughout the EP. The title track addresses Vanessa Ives, asking her how she was able to find hope through the many adversities she faced.

Previous to this release, his band Punskription released critically lauded EP Native Brains: Foreign Hearts. It’s been described as an original expression of hip-hop by Paste Magazine “Their layered and dynamic flow create a stir, and a sound that is unique and epic on every level,” while still paying homage to its lyrical roots as described by Speed on the Beat “The lyricism is on full-display here along with the multilayered production.” Now, directly following up this critically acclaimed work, P. Cruz successfully creates a sound that is uniquely his.