Top Ten Hip Hop & R&B Songs of 2016 by @GhostwritaMusic

Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with @Ghostwritamusic to get his Top Ten List of 2016
“Let me start off by saying that this is my list. Not yours. If you feel like I *left* a song off then make your own shit. Here’s my top 10 rap/r&b records of 2016 in no specific order because I hate numbers and I already used one of them.”
Pusha T ft Jay-Z – “Drug Dealers Anonymous” I honestly didn’t listen to this song that much during the year, but every single time I did,  I was very entertained by the lyrics. Pusha and Bey’s significant other dropped two of arguably the best verses of the year. Enough to say the old man is back? I won’t hold my breath.

Rae Sremmurd – “Black Beatles” It’s undeniable. Fuck you.

Childish Gambino – “Redbone” This song snuck its way into 2016 at the very end and took me by surprise because I knew the guy could sing but I thought he was only trying to be some rapper ass dude. It has soul like a 70s record but yet have a groovy modern feel to it. Easily one of the most soulful tunes from last year.

Beyonce – “Formation” MikeWillMadeIt blessed her with one of the strangest, yet amazing r&b/hip hop/trap beats of 2016. And she did what she does best…

Chance ft Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz – “No Problem” I’ve never been somewhere and this song came on and people didn’t react wildly to it. And rightfully so. It’s full of that old school house party feeling of just straight up having fun and not giving a damn how others feel about you having said fun.

Migos – “Bad & Boujee” The group actually had a much smoother run last year than they did in 2015 but this song stood out the most and for very good reason. Infectious beat and a dope and catchy hook that made both genders feel able to relate to it. Even if they’re single and it doesn’t apply to them whatsoever at the moment.

Bibi Bourelly – “Ego” This wasn’t a hit at all. And that matters none. This song is realer and sounds better than most of the shit you heard.

Travis Scott ft Young Thug and Quavo – “pick up the phone” Simply put, one of the best melodies and beats I heard all year. One of the songs 2016 absolutely needed.

Solange – “Cranes In The Sky” Straight feel good black magic music that I love and respect. And the video added even more to the allure and value that was already there immensely.

Anderson Paak ft T.I. – “Come Down” I had no choice but to put this on my list. Clifford Harris’ verse is really really good. One of the best verses he’s ever penned. Stole the show from Paak at the end.


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