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Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with singer, Trez Falsetto to discuss elements that make up a good mixtape, his HBCU school tour and what it was like working with Swift from Epic Records.

Durham native Quantre Via, known by his stage name Trez Falsetto, is notoriously  known for catching attention as an Instagram sensation before taking the state by storm. His popular #FalsettoFridays became a hit with the ladies where 30-second videos were sent in and posted of beautiful women from all over the Carolinas singing along with his newest release titled “Blow“.

Hello Trez Falsetto. Thank you for interviewing with TripleHQ. Tell us about Trez Falsetto and your background.

R&B artist born and raised in Durham, NC, I grew up singing in the church when I was 5-6 years old. Graduate from North Carolina Central University with a bachelors in Sports Management. I played basketball in high-school and was headed to play college ball until I was diagnosed with a heart condition my senior year.

Music influences àMichael Jackson, Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Usher, Tank, Smokie Norful

Is your birth name Trez Falsetto?

Birth name is Quantre Dashon Via….Trez Falsetto came when I was in middle school, me and my friends had a rap group and everybody had a rap name but me. People called me “Tre” already so I ended up adding the “Z” at the end because it sounded cool lol. When I started taking music serious I was always told I had a nice Falsetto note so I put them both together for my stage name… TrezFalsetto

I see you recently dropped a mixtape called “Just Because”. How did you come up with the name of your mixtape?

I thought it was time to give my supporters a body of work and it literally came out of nowhere and it was not the typical mixtape. The mixtape included covers, remixes and un-released original music. People ask why drop a mixtape now my answer is “Just Because”.

What makes a mixtape worthy enough for you to listen to?

Personally, I love it when an artist puts his/her own spin on records that were popular songs. It gives you a different vibe to an already hot record.

Do you think mixtapes are going out of style in the music industry?

I don’t think it’s necessarily going out of style, I just think artist are being proactive with how they put music out. Now you can put anything on digital sites (iTunes, Spotify etc.) and actually get compensated, it kind of makes mixtapes like the backup plan instead of in the early 2000’s when mixtapes was at an all-time high online.

What are 3 elements that make up a good mixtape?

  • Re- Invention of previous records
  • Quality
  • No boundaries

What was it like working with Epic Records recording artist, Swift?

Dope, Swift is very talented person in studio and out so to be able to pick his brain and watch him move was a great experience.

Tell us about the HBCU college tour that you’ve recently went on.

We visited about 15 schools along the east coast and the experience was very humbling. I opened up for Cardi B, 21 Savage and 2 Chainz at FAMU…. that was the biggest moment for me on tour. The tour gave me insight on how it is being on the road traveling to city after city.

Do you feel that all African American artists should do at least one HBCU tour?

I don’t think they have to but the experience is remarkable and I would do it again this year. I would suggest them to try it out at least once.

If you had to go back in time, would you still have chosen the musical path?

Yes, if I could do it over I would have started my musical path earlier.

What other projects do you have lined up in 2018?

New visuals, new single and potentially a debut album.

What are 3 words that best describe you? Would other people use those words to describe you as well?

  • Funny
  • Ambitious
  • Caring

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