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Hip Hop Headquarters spoke to Nixxon about his upcoming ‘Penthouse‘ album, The Weeknd, being an artist and more. Check out our latest interview with the rising star from the 6ix.


TripleHQ: Tell me a little bit about yourself – Your name, part of the city, who is Nixxon?

Nixxon: I was born east Scarborough and grew up around the Scarborough bluffs. You can hear Drake reference it in ‘Believe me’ ft Lil Wayne. Nixxon is and always has been an alter ego, an escape route from society and a platform to lay out my emotions and express my thoughts.

TripleHQ: What role do you think an artist has on society?

Nixxon: Every artist has some sort of effect on society, whether it be from a small perspective or a large perspective. Energy always comes back around in some form, anything you say as a artist can have effect on you. I feel its important to think about what you say before you do, and if you do say it.

TripleHQ: How would you describe your music?

Nixxon: When I create records, I’m in the most present form, I’ve trained my mind to not think in this time, because I feel thoughts only exist in the past or future. When you sit there and think you are actually distracted from the present moment, so to me, you’re a zombie in trance. I’ve trained my mind to hear the air around me, hear my breathing, and just sing or rap into the mic. Whatever comes out is the feeling I’ve had in that moment. That best describes my music.

TripleHQ: Your video for Beauty & The Beast was dark and creative there’s definitely a vibe giving off from your visuals – what inspired the song and eventually the video?

Nixxon: Beauty & The Beast was a record I made after a rough breakup.  In the video you can see all the girls dressed the same, looking the same and moving the same. I felt that’s how a lot of women are in this smartphone world where we strive for likes. The vibe is that a lot of people seem soulless. I was trying to implicate and reflect that in the visuals.

TripleHQ: We have also read that you are/were friends with Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd). Can you describe how your friendship was like? Did things change once The Weeknd became a household name?

Nixxon: I used to be friends with Abel Tesfaye years back and some things happened and we eventually stopped speaking. We drifted apart. We made a few songs together, it was good times.

TripleHQ: What has been your most touching or amazing moment as an artist?

Nixxon: My most touching moment as an artist was having two pages in the Toronto Star

TripleHQ: Where can we find you and what can we expect for the rest for 2017 from Nixxon?

Nixxon: I’m wrapping up my forthcoming album called ‘Penthouse’. Currently in the process of shooting a few videos within the next couple of weeks. You can find me on Twitter@KingRaySC  on InstagramNixxonsound and my FacebookNixxonsound.

Watch Nixxon’s Beauty & The Beast video below.

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