TripleHQ Exclusive Interview w. J. Manifesto | @jmanifesto |

image004 Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Queens, NY emcee J. ManifestO.

Since you came on the scene, your singles have established a good track record of quality and critical acclaim. At this point, what do you think it is going to take to move to the next level of your career?

I truly feel like I just need to seek more exposure. I’m already constantly working on music and I feel the improvement in my song writing. I just need to be open to work with more artist and travel more to get the word out about my music.

What do you feel is the strongest line you’ve ever written and why?

“Rise above, elevation is constant, I’ll be damn if world ain’t covered up by my palm prints”. This goes into the last question. I just want to maximize myself and grow to my greatest potential. I want to effect as many lives and worlds as possible with the words that I write and say.

What’s a life motto you try to live by?

“Respect Life” is just a constant thought I have in my head.  A reminder. To respect others existence. That can be as small as not killing a fly in the room or not saying something harmful to someone that can be damaging. Respectful of other’s well-being. Other forms of life as well. It’s nothing I would put in a song but just something I remind myself about in my own head.

What are your plans for the next year?

My plans for next year is to take this show on the road. I have a bunch of music recorded. So I’m going to put together videos and projects for those and I’m looking to link up with some promotors, venues and artists and catch work in other cities and countries and continents.


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