TripleHQ Exclusive Interview w. M-Dot | @mdotboston |

image005 Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Boston MC and EMS crew frontman M-Dot

How long did the “Give It To Me” video take you? What was the experience like?

The shoot was comprised in roughly 5 days. It was all captured during a mini tour I had in northern Cali. I was there for a show in San Jose as well as 6 or 7 radio interviews and figured the palm trees, amazing bridges (Golden Gate, Bay Bridge) and overall drastically different back-drop (in comparison to Boston) be ideal for what we were trying to accomplish visually. During the 5 or so days we kept the cameras rolling (as you can see in the radio and studio clips filtering in), yet probably only sectioned out one full day of dedicated shooting for the song (15 hours straight). The aim again was to break away from rap performance scenes, rather choosing to depict great visuals and a built up B-Roll.

What was it like being in the studio with greats like Method Man, Large Professor and Hi-Tek?

I have met Method Man at a few shows, built a friendship with Large Pro but actually haven’t met Hi Tek (in person). Tek and I connected via email thru my homie Rev of EMS as well as thru my good relationship with J Rawls (Produced on BlackStar). I wasn’t in the studio during the process though with any of the 3 you mentioned (for the records on this album at least) as between Meth doing movies, Extra P touring with Nas or Diamond D and Tek making music for Aftermath…schedule wise sending them my files was much more simplified. In some ways I preferred it this way, as I do literally hundreds of takes to complete verses never-mind the full song haha. There are a few more Large Pro beats I have though (still tripping over that) as well as a SECOND song with Method Man recorded, so we will have more collaborations y’all will hear. I’m sure I will connect with Hi Tek again also.

The concept of being the ‘underdog’ seems to run heavily through your music. Why do you think that is?

I have always felt overlooked, slept on, doubted (M.aking D.oubter’s O.ver T.hink). Most of the time though I have created this chip on purpose to create an extra fire/motivation. There is roots to that feeling nevertheless. In music I never glorified that thug/killer lane, I didn’t go for that hipster/nerd lane, I never attempted to emulate the years’ new trend….I always thought it be better to build listeners with a consistent high level product exemplifying the blue collar relatable underdog. In many ways that’s who I am. Some Blogs overlooked me because I didn’t talk about shooting cats, some DJs’ didn’t spin me cuz I wasn’t in their click, promoters in booking shows would put me on earlier cuz they had a vested interest in “their” artist which they’d put directly before the headliner. I could go on and on hahaa. Point is we didn’t get any breaks, nor did we want them. It became more fruitful in the end to WIN without being “under” anybody or owing somebody or most importantly not being attached to somebody for your success.

What’s your favorite album of all time?

Wow that’s tough. If we are talking ALL genres though?…. “Thriller”. It’s absolutely perfect.

What kind of year has 2016 been for you? What do you see for 2017?

It’s been a great year in many senses. 2017 though for some reason I feel will top it….I have my 3rd baby due first week of January. And I have the album I have invested almost half my life into finally getting let loose (1/27). Additionally….”ego” part 2 hopefully will be released at the end of 17′.


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