Jakob Bell – TripleHQ Exclusive Interview


Hip Hop Headquarters spoke to Niagara Fall’s Jakob Bell about his artistry, songwriting process and his latest “Lost Baby ElephantEP which is available now on all streaming services including Spotify and iTunes. Check our interview below.

TripleHQ: Tell me a little bit about yourself; what part of the city are you from? Who is Jakob Bell?

Jakob Bell: Well my full name is Jacob Micheal Bell. I started writing music in 8th grade. When I look back I guess I was playing around with making music so it only made sense to tell my friends to join and collaborate. I grew up in Niagara Falls so urban music was something I always listen to. Truthfully, I feel like Jakob Bell is a character. Kinda like Hannah Montana; you know how she has two lifestyles? As a normal high school teen and another as a  super famous rock star! I feel that completely, in high school I was never really that liked but everyone knew who I was because I believed in myself & chased my dreams.

TripleHQ: What does Jakob Bell bring to the table as an artist in the Canadian Music Industry?
Jakob Bell: Ambition, Soul & creativity.
TripleHQ: What role do you think an artist has on society?
Jakob Bell: My role is really big, I didn’t really know how big it was until I dropped my EP, LBE (Lost Baby Elephant) the numbers were crazy. It did quite well in the first 2 months.
TripleHQ: How would you describe your music?
Jakob Bell: Straight vibes, I don’t really just got one style.
TripleHQ: You recently released your Lost Baby Elephant what was your goal releasing this project?
Jakob Bell: Honestly it was at the point where I wanted to release a project, so I called a few friends and sat down together to work on LBE nothing but LBE for about a month or two, basically the answer to your question I was thinking to start something serious.
TripleHQ: We’re feeling the “Is It Me” joint a lot! It seems like a woman is having a hard time choosing between you or the “others”. Tell us what you were thinking when you made this record.
Jakob Bell: To be honest, “Is IT Me” is a song about me being put in a position where I had to pick someone I loved or music. 
TripleHQ: What has been your most touching or amazing moment as an artist?
Jakob Bell: The most touching moment as an artist is hearing people sing along to your music. The first time that happen to me gave me goosebumps. It really showed how hard I worked and shows who really supports you it’s an amazing moment when I think about it. There’s these people that don’t even know me, messaging me stories, paragraphs even, telling me that my music really helps them get through their day.
TripleHQ: What do you love most about Niagara Falls?
Jakob Bell: It’s the support they show, the city probably doesn’t know this, but they push me to get better. I have a lot of people who truly admire what I do and how hard I work. When it comes to the music and what I love about this city it is the people who I surround myself with that makes it so enjoyable here.
TripleHQ: Where can we find you? and what can we expect for the rest of 2017 from Jakob Bell? 
Jakob Bell:  Stay updated with me on SoundCloud and YouTube. For the rest of 2017 expect bigger & better thing and much more content, baby! 


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