About TripleHQ

About TripleHQ

Welcome to Hip Hop Headquarters LLC (TripleHQ.com)! TripleHQ.com was created as an outlet for indie artists to network, advertise, and have their music heard. TripleHQ.com has a fresh new layout and design filled with loads of music, news, reviews and features which are updated daily. Be on the look out for added features, advice from the TripleHQ staff, and newsletters! 


You Create, We Deliver!


Hip Hop HeadQuarters, LLC (TripleHQ.com) was established to become a steady support system for independent artists. Based off of the foundation of business, branding, marketing and music entertainment. TripleHQ.com gives the independent artists incite of more then just the music being created. Having a touch of mainstream music, news and current events, the focus of Hip Hop Headquarters LLC is to take the indie artist from the underground to the wall street of music.


From Public Relations & Social Media Marketing side of the house Amanda Jakes Miles (President/Founder) @Awesomenezz keys in with expertise of Marketing Management maintaining a presence from the streets to online. With the way the industry is going right now, Internet presence is a must. TripleHQ.com attacks all measures of having an Internet presence, as well as building the proper self presentation in the streets.

 Many artists fail to realize that “Music isn’t just Music” it’s a business. Devon Showell (CEO) @H3Hugo gives artists the business side of the culture. In the life of music and entertainment you must know a bit of the behind the scenes functions, to become successful. There are several entities that you must know from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to BDS, MEDIAGUIDE, and MEDIABASE in order to truly reach the attention of the big labels. Hence the phrase “Numbers don’t lie”. Also, knowing the job of managers, publicists, labels, production companies, producers & even groupies are all important for an artist’s career.

With a team of well rounded professional individuals ranging from Dj’s, Radio Personalities, Photographers, and Videographers. TripleHQ.com is a company that has a vision and the capabilities that are needed to get independent artist to the next level of success. Hip Hop Headquarters prides itself in excellence and professionalism in all entities surrounding TRIPLEHQ.COM.