Vic Sage Ft Zay Gaines – “Taught Me Well” | @vicsagemusic @zaygaines |


Vic Sage

Omaha, Nebraska artist Vic Sage is joined by Zay Gaines for “Taught Me Well”, an introspective-based release –

Over the subtle production, the pair speak about maturing, growth and coming of age. We all have reached points in our lives where we have a revelation, where we look back and simply want to give thanks to all the lessons we’ve learned. This song serves as a theme song to that. The simple chorus line sets up Vic and Zay’s verses perfectly. Melodic ahs scattered around the single help make the tone really resonate well. Sage is best known for his “Long Days, Longer Nights” EP. Zay has hit songs with Sammy Wilkinson and Sk8 Maololey. Get hip to “Taught Me Well” below.