Zeroer – “Fusion” (Album Review)

Zeroer Fusion Art Front

On April 1st, Northwest recording artist Zeroer releases his debut LP, Fusion

The perfectly titled project is just that, a Fusion.  Blending many different styles of music from rock to hip-hop and EDM to Pop, Zeroer uses this project as a springboard to showcase his many different talents and set us up for what may be to come.

The opening track also serves as the albums second single, “Champion”.  The track is an inspirational anthem with lyrics meant to bolster your self-esteem.  Zeroer sings words such as, “Tonite were going up, cuz we always been down” and “You’re a mothafuckin Champion!”, that are meant to get you amped and poke out your chest that your still kicking.

The next song, “Fight” features a beautifully sung vocal chorus by an unknown artist named Jay Townsend and is perfectly placed behind, “Champion”.  This is an ode to taking everything the world can throw at you and still being willing to fight through it all.  The first verse is very laid-back and relaxed and just as the second chorus is finishing up the track does a complete 180.  The tempo picks up on the beat and the energy level on Zeroer’s verse goes through the roof.  Definitely a banger and would love to possibly see a video for this as well.

On “Ethereality” Zeroer really taps into his rock star potential with a scathingly strong chorus and song that definitely gives off a Linkin Park type vibe, but not in a copycat sort of way.

“Waiting in Vain” featuring Danelle Hayes and Supernova are definitely two of the strong points of the album with the former being a love song that ended up probably being my favorite song on the entire LP.  After, “Waiting in Vain” the album hits a rough patch for me with , “Lights On” and “Time To Run”.  The songs aren’t bad, but aren’t very memorable either.

No worries though, “Ode To America” is next up and gets the album right back on track.  On this politically charged cut Zeroer choses to go it acapella and deliver some hard lyrics aimed at our beloved country.

The last track on the project is, “Credible Threat” featuring Northwest rapper Yak Nasty and also served as the album’s first single with an accompanying video.  This is probably the most hip-hop song on the entire joint and sounds like something straight out of the Strange Music catalog.  The cut features both MC’s spitting razor sharp lyrics at a break neck speed and major intensity.  The video itself serves as the perfect backdrop for this type of record.

Overall I give the, “Fusion” a 3.5 out of 5.  I think it is a very solid release and definitely sets the stage for a bright future for Zeroer.  Taking into account the fact that he played guitar on the project, produced more than half of it and wrote all his lyrics makes it even more respectable in my opinion.  Definitely looking forward to more work from this artist in the future.