Zumiez Presents Sketchy Tank Event w/ Ghostface Killah, Denzel Curry and Ho99o9 (Recap)


Zumiez Presents Sketchy Tank Event

When you think of Ghostface Killah, you probably don’t think about mosh pits. When you think of Denzel Curry, you probably don’t think about GFK. And neither of those would bring you to NJ metal band, Ho99o9.

Luckily, Zumiez and artist, Sketchy Tank, have the power and branding excellence to bring all three together.
Last Thursday (7/27/2017), Royale Boston hosted one of the most diverse events I’ve ever been to.
Metal Band, Ho99o9, opened the event and needless to say, they turned the building upside down. Mosh pits, stage dives, killer vocals and energy that grips you even if you aren’t a fan of Metal.
Real artistry can not be denied. Ho99o9 is making huge strides in the Metal world and will be stars.
Carol City, Fl and 2016 XXL Freshman, Denzel Curry was up next and his Punk Rock/ Hip Hop genre bending lines was the perfect act to lead is from Metal to Wu.
When I met Denzel, his cool and calm demeanor off stage was the complete opposite of the monster he became under the lights. The ULT wave is real and Denzel  did not disappoint as he played a new record and rocked the crowd with Utlimate hits back to back that his fans were dying to hear.
Then the anticipation began to grow as everyone was waiting for Ghostface. After a short intermission; legendary DJ, Technician the DJ, took over the stage along with DJ Chubby Chub. Technician rocked out for a solid 15 minutes taking us way back up until now in his mix.
Finally, he droppes the classic Raekwon record, Ice Cream, and the crowd began to witness a legend at work. Ghost hasn’t lost a step and had an extra special guest in-house to surprise the crowd.
Sheek Louch of The Lox was in the building and he and Ghostface delivered hit after hit from D Block and Wu vaults including a tribute to Prodigy.
But the highlight of the night had to be when Ghost called 3 random people from the crowd to help him perform, Protect Ya Neck, and that performance was the definition of Hip Hop.
3 fans on stage with a Wu legend, performing a Wu record and ended up having Ghostface applauding them.
Music may be the only thing in the world to bring so many different people together in one building and Zumiez has the master blend.
*Side Note*
The new generation of Hip Hop artists often catch grief for a lack of appreciation for the artists before them. My personal highlight of the night was watching Denzel Curry spit every Sheek and GFK lyric word for word. There is hope for the future.