12XPretty Releases Hit Track “Panic” | @12Xpretty |

Panic is the debut single from LA based duo 12XPretty (Twelve Times Pretty). Panic is a journey deep into personal pain, sadness, and fear. A moody, cinematic masterpiece that skirts the edge between Synth Pop and Emo Trap. Produced by Ron Thaler and 12XPretty.

Cinematic. Introspective. Honest.

12XPretty is an LA based duo that many insiders feel is the next step in the evolution of pop music. Comprised of vocalist Remy Remy and keyboardist/beatmaker Danny Import, they have developed a sound that takes pop further than ever before – further into emotion, lyricism, modern production, and personal darkness. The darkness is both deep and seductive.

The sound is synth-driven but enhanced with moments of live drums, bass, and guitar. 12XPretty is intelligent, beautiful pop made for modern times. The music is fresh and unapologetic. It’s equal parts roses and razor blades, and Remy and Import have become a formidable collaborative force by creating it.


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