2ssaint – Abu


“Abu” is a record that came to me all at once. As soon as the bouncy and vibrant production starts, I knew I’d need to add some grit and a bit of darkness to balance it all out and make it compelling. I wanted to represent the perspective of children ever confronted by the looming absurdities of racism and it’s continued effect on the psyches of a people with a peculiar history, still searching for answers and justice.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio 2SSAINT (formerly known as Stoke) had an upbringing not unlike many black youth born at the turn of the century and coming of age at the dawn of the new millennium. As a boy, 2SSAINT would spend much of his time reading, drawing and writing poems, stories, and songs. At around the age of 15, he began to question his identity as a person of African descent, the living legacy of slaves in America. This ever-looming question would lead 2SSAINT down a rabbit hole of consciousness and self-discovery with revelations that continue to influence much of the subject matter he seeks to express in his art.

2SSAINT stands out both for his electric live performances and for the intricate, poetic quality of his writing. His mindful and introspective subject matter coupled with his raw, yet nuanced flow and style helped him quickly gain a reputation as one of Cleveland’s most skilled and promising young talents.

Inspired by a broad spectrum of influences from creative, historical/cultural as well as academic backgrounds, he seeks to express ideals of truth, justice, love with no condition, compassion, peace, empathy and critical thinking in his work with the same level of honesty as the greats who would walk before him.

As an artist/producer 2SSAINT is preparing to release his anticipated debut “ROBOT2SSAINT” early 2019, as well as plans for a number of future projects in various artistic mediums to be announced.


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